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10/20 µl XL graduated TipOne® Tip, Natural, Bag (non-sterile)

Improved by you - New System Components Overview
The perfect rack› Simple! The system comprises only two racks (one small, one large) for less complexity
› Small rack for use with tip volumes 10 µl to 300 µl; large rack for use with tip volumes 1000 µl and 1250µl XL
› Quick and easy identification of tips by colour-coded wafers with laser printed information and transparent lid
› Stackable
› Reusable
› Autoclavable

The clever refill› The new refill is divided into two separate, individually-wrapped stacks of five wafers
› Completely sealed, the tips are safe from contamination by the tight fitting top shell and unique spacers
› Economical, space-saving design
› Autoclavable when racked

The self-standing bag› New, self-standing bag for easy and convenient access and storage
› Tamper-proof, easy-open perforation strip
› Resealable zip-lock for contamination-free storage
› Recyclable polyethylene bag
› Economical – ideal for teaching labs or non-critical work

The compact stack rack› Next generation design with wide base for great stability
› Transparent lid covers the tips when not in use
› 960 tips for high throughput use, ideal for multichannel users
› The complete stack rack is autoclavable and recyclable

The unique filter refill› A brand new, economical and ecofriendly TipOne® filter tip refill system
› Fast, easy and safe: The filter tips are refilled with the top and bottom shell intact, thus providing a fast and completely protected refill system that will not compromise sterility
› Using sterile filter refills to reload racks directly during periods of long use in hoods and PCR-workstations saves valuable space
› Not only does the refill system gene - rate less waste, the bottom shells are nestable so your waste takes up less storage space too

10/20 µl XL graduated TipOne® Tip, Natural, Bag (non-sterile)

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