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TiariZOL™ REAGENT is a red monophasic ready-to-use formulation widely used for RNA and DNA isolation. It allows a quick, economical, and efficient isolation of total RNA/ DNA. The reagent is employed in a sequential procedure: cationic lysis, followed by organic extraction and alcohol precipitation. After lysis and homogenization of the biological sample, three phases are separated. RNA and DNA are precipitated with isopropyl alcohol from colorless aqueous phase (upper) and interphase, respectively.FeaturesReady to use formulation.Easily scalable nucleic acid isolation.Simultaneous RNA and DNA extraction.High yield and purity (A260/A280 ~1.8).RNA obtained can be directly used for any downstream application: cDNA library, Northern blotting, nuclease protection assay, RT-PCR, in vitro translation, etc.For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures..

TiariZOL™ REAGENT 2 x 50 ml

SKU: TBR0101
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