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PC Erlenmeyer Flask, 3000ml, Baffled base, sterile

The ideal flask for shaker/suspension cultureStarlab polycarbonat Erlenmeyer are individually wrapped in an easy tear, sterile bag, certified to be free of particulate matter, pyrogens, and nucleases (DNAse/RNAse). These flasks are ideal for all suspension cell cultures including baculovirus cultures, microbial cultures, algae cultures, media preparation, storage, and all related applications. In addition to the TriForest shaker flask clamps, they fit all standard shaking incubator systems and can be placed on any platform.

› Autoclavable (up to 10 cycles)
› Vented cap with 0.22 µm PTFE-filter

Traditionally, sponge bungs would be used for the top of flasks; these can get wet and can lead to contamination of cultures.
The alternative is to use a cap, but for aerobic cultures, caps must be left loose, which is not ideal when shaking.

Our dual-function cap has a vent for aerobic, sterile gas exchange, plus, a screw-on cover to seal the flask airtight, for anaerobic cultures.

PC Erlenmeyer Flask, 3000ml, Baffled base, sterile

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