GoldView I is a novel cyanin nucleic acid dyefor detecting DNA and RNA in agarose gel, an alternative to the ethidium bromide(EB). It is used with the same method as EB, but offers up to 10 times more sensitivity.


It emits green fluorescence upon ultraviolet irradiation when bound to DNA or RNA. GoldView I is maximally excited at 497 nm, but also has a secondary excitation peak centered near 254 nm. These spectral characteristics make GoldView I compatible with a wide variety of gel reading instruments, ranging from those with ultraviolet epi- and transillumination to argon-ion laser and mercury-arc lamp excitation gel scanners.


Matters needing attention: 

       1.  Gel  thickness should not exceed 0.5cm, too thick will affect the sensitivity of the detection. 

       2.  Repeated melting may have an impact on the sensitivity of DNA detection, but not obvious.

       3.  GoldView I in pH3.6-7.0 can better combine with nucleic acid, so it is best to use fresh gel electrophoresis buffer 

       4.  Load samples on the gel and perform electrophoresis, then detect the bands under UV illumination.

       5.  Gel containing GoldView I is not suitable for gel recovery experiments. To conduct recycling experiments, please use EB or GoldView 

       6.  GoldView I was particularly suitable for the detection of large fragment DNA (more than 1KB fragment, detection sensitivity and EB equivalent); When the DNA fragment is less than 1KB, the detection sensitivity is lower than EB, especially below the 500bp fragment, the GoldView I type may be very weak or undetectable.If detect small fragments of DNA,please select the GoldView type II nucleic acid stain, which is suitable for detection of all segments of the size of the DNA fragment 

       7.  Although it has not yet been found that GoldView I have carcinogenic, but due to the strong acidity of GoldView I solution, may irritate skin and eyes. Gloves should be worn during operation .


Application characteristics:

High efficiency:  GoldView I can detect the level of 50ng DNA or RNA fragments. Its has many excitation wavelength, two of which are the strongest: 230nm and 490nm. 

Safety:Haven’t found GoldView I have a carcinogenic effect, the use of this reagent without contact EB (ethidium bromide) and other harmful substances.

GoldView I Nuclear Staining Dyes(10000x),DNA stain 1ml

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